Classically trained, he began his musical studies as a classical guitarist and clarinetist, obtaining the professional title of classical guitar and the higher degree of clarinet. As an eclectic musician by definition, his repertoire spans a wide range ranging from historicalist performance to newly created music, going through styles based on both folk and jazz music.
He has been part of different projects such as Trio Nostromo, Ensemble Section Aurea, L'Harmonie Nouvelle, Zahir Ensemble and Orquesta Bética de Cámara. Currently he continues to work with groups such as Wind Sur Clarinet Quartet, Súbito Ensemble and Babenolius Club.

Hans Deinzer and Yehuda Gilad stand out as their main clarinet teachers, who will definitively mark his clarinet and musical school.
After his training as a classical musician and, almost inadvertently, he experiments with different styles always looking for a deeper form of expression and a greater connection with the public.